This document is designed to illuminate the motivations of Philistine.

A key goal of Philistine is to provide a sonic experience that is oppressive. While most "heavy" music is designed to make the listener feel like an invincible aggressor, Philistine is geared toward being an aural assault. Traditional aggressive music has a synergistic effect, working with a listener's rage and fueling it. Philistine's desire is to encourage a responsive action towards domination. In other words, the sound is invading the listeners comfort level, prompting them to create a barrier between themselves and the imposing force.

One may ask, "Why is this is the desired effect?" A potential answer is this:

Conflict produces a desire to eliminate adversity. This desire can sometimes be harnessed and utilized by the oppressed to bring about change and advance their position. However, in almost all situations, those being transgressed upon are outclassed. Mankind is nothing against the powers of nature. Mankind is nothing against the pointless existence it is cursed with. Existence is nothing against entropy. Everything can and will decay, and chaos is the ultimate outcome. Struggle in these situations is pointless. Therefore, eliminating the adversity one encounters is not an achievable goal. The crippling of "will to power" produces a frustration that is undesirable and painful for the host organism. Submission is the only answer to this problem. However, the organism must first eliminate any desire to resist. The usual way to dispel excess energy produced by a futile situation is through catharsis. A struggle until you are tired. Aggressive communication and action is nothing more than an adult tantrum. When this excess energy is dissipated, a calming effect is produced, and an acceptance is reached. Allowing yourself to be dominated is a catalyst for a balanced and tranquil state. Embrace hopelessness. Get crushed.