This is an analysis of audio techniques used to invoke a feeling of being crushed. A guide to aesthetic choices used by Philistine.

Rumble. Instinctually, the sound of rumble tells us that a powerful object is nearing our proximity. Perhaps to crush us. Large trains, thunder (and therefore lightning), a herd of rabid buffalo, an army bent on rape and pillage, and earthquakes, would all be prime examples of rumble generators.

Screaming. A primitive response that occurs when frustrated or scared. The result of being powerless. Often used to intimidate a threatening adversary. A scream tells those that hear it, "this organism is unbalanced and unpredictable."

Distortion. An unharmonious clipping of a wave form. This usually results from severe amplitude and indicative of something being pushed beyond its capacity, perhaps to the breaking point. An indication of a potentially damaging situation.

Pounding. A rhythmic collision of extreme forces. Usually an indication that a powerful device has been harnessed with willful intent, normally to shape or mold the unwilling. Two or more objects in opposition. A hammer upon a forge. A woodpecker's beak upon a tree. A chisel upon a rock. A jackhammer against pavement. Sometimes a representation of the unstoppable, or a force that will not stop until it has achieved its goal. This is due to the cyclic/repetitive nature of the event. The waves upon a shore. The beating of a beating heart. This is reflected in the phrase 'beat down'. In other words, violence until submission.