PHILISTINE- blackhymmal-CD (Self Released)

Industrial Black Doom in the same fashion bands like Halo, GodFlesh,
PitchShifter and Treponal Pal use to create. Philistine is a Guitar,
Bass, Drum Machine and one pissed off man with a voice to pull it all
together. Do not let anyone for one minute tell you this is not 100%
Doom. The tempo, The vibe, The emotion it is all there Slow, Sloth like
and punishing. Philistine clearly has a love for sludge Doom too for
there are elements of Eyehategod, Crowbar, Grief and Cavity that are
very present in the mix of sounds going on. Being in New England as well
as this very person. Philistine is from the mountains of Maine. A cold and
bleak landscape in the winter. We are currently have are 5 th snow storm
in 2 weeks in Northern New England . So its the perfect place to create
this style of bone jarring music. I'm not sure if this madman is looking
for a label or prefers use to self release the material. As if a label
oesnt make him an offer soon I'm at a loss for words. This is better
produced and recorded then some bigger indie bands out there. I reallly
enjoy the ambience mixed with the Doom as well. Long live PHILISTINE !!!!