Philistine-Consume and Devour-CDR (Space Ghost Records)

This CD just came out of the blew to me in the mail and I'm sure glad it did. As it was a very pleasant surprise. Mix equal parts, Halo, Neurosis, Swans and Godflesh and you know what you have cooking here. The Sludgy guitars, Torn Throat Vocals and machine driving crushing Drum rhythms. I'm rather shocked this hasn't found itself a home thru Relapse or Earache at all as it would fit very well on either. From what I see this is a one man creation. He his single minded vision is to master the sounds of 90's Post Industrial Metal. This is one heavy ass journey and i think most Doom-metal fans will enjoy this as well even though there is a very heavy "GodFlesh" streetcleaner worship going on. Sometime is just fucking nice to hear a old style taken up again in a very very power manner. Philistine is a retro band "though I hate that thought" in the highest of order. Simply get this fucking thing as it good.