Reviewed by Steven on July 8, 2004.

PHILISTINE is a band that has the purpose of being heavy, well very heavy. They say they get their inspiration from bands like KHANATE, GRIEF, HALO and the likes. Well they certainly have something very brooding and menacing in their sound but in a way it is not that menacing as the afore mentioned bands. The music sounds very mechanical and clinical. I expected something completely different sound wise. But I consider it as a positive thing, they surprised me with their choice of sound. It is not my personal favourite because I think they could have sounded a lot heavier if they recorded it in a more traditional way. Every instrument sounds like it was pulled through a battery of computers to ensure the heaviest sound. Somewhere in that process they lost their pedals I guess, well that is what I think they may as well wanted this style of sound. It also seems they are admirers of GODFLESH, if I look at the picture I see the reason for their sound, I guess they didnít use any amp or so but the have send everything through a POD module (a type of digital interface for guitar) and some other digital paraphernalia. Well my advice to them would be, throw out all the digital junk and get a tube amp. This entire album is available for download on their site so go ahead and listen for yourselves.