PHILISTINE - Consume And Devour

This is an 8 song CDR, of plodding drum machine dirges. "Consume And Devour" is pretty bare bones, in depth and production. It sounds good, but has a primitiveness to the guitar tone that works. The music itself is brutish in that there isn't much extraneous decoration, just the chug and plod of the low end chords and the rudimentary drum machine programming. The sheet that came with this invokes the likes of Halo, Khanate and Grief, but the booklet for this I think is more honest. They note the lifespan of Godflesh and hail the coming of Jesu in their liner notes. "Consume And Devour" has far more in common with the Godflesh school than the Grief school, and is probably better for it. I miss music like this, and with the Doom spectrum rapidly becoming the new Grunge as far as band wagon jumpers and absolute dilution of quality I welcome this return to a largely abandoned style. Actually, I think in a lot of ways this has the most in common with the "Thanatos Descends" album from Dead World. It is deliberate and unapologetic, stripped down and simply heavy. I generally try and avoid comparisons like that, but at its essence that is a pretty good summary I think for the potential new listener. The writing here is well done and the pace is droning but with a certain enthusiasm that I think can ultimately be much heavier in the end than some of these bands that think a down tuned power chord every 20 seconds or so makes them heavy. Philistine has written some good songs, songs with energy that still convey a beaten and desolate tone. I really enjoyed this, and liked it more and more as it went along. Hopefully they don't jump ship on the next release and turn out something perhaps more popular in the current scene, but less interesting. - Scott